Sharks in the Aquarium of Barcelona

It is one of the main decoys that uses L'Aquarium to its audience. On your visit you will be fascinated with these huge fishes called sharks.

Sharks in the Aquarium of Barcelona

If you are in Barcelona and you want to see sharks, you have a golden opportunity by making a visit to the largest aquarium in Europe on Mediterranean species.

You will see them through the glass aquariums or also through the Oceanarium tunnels that allow you to watch these huge animals and other species that live with them, from all angles.

Spending the night with Sharks

The Aquarium of Barcelona offers for the children the possibility to spend the night with the sharks. You must inform you about the schedule and prices by contacting L’Aquarium.

Diving and snorkeling with sharks

If you have formal qualifications in diving, you have the opportunity to dive into the Oceanarium of L'Aquarium and spend some time in this space with the sharks. In addition they offer a tour where you will discover the secrets of these magnificent animals.

Sharks in the Aquarium of Barcelona

Your family and friends will see you through the oceanarium underwater tunnels.

Sharks in the Aquarium of Barcelona

For those who do not have qualifications in diving, L'Aquarium offers the opportunity to make the so called water baptism (first dive and first course) with sharks. Find out more at L'Aquarium's official website.

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