Underwater tunnels in L'Aquarium of Barcelona

Most aquariums have windows, through which you can admire the marine fauna and flora. You can find many of these in the Aquarium of Barcelona.

Sharks in L'Aquarium of Barcelona

But L'Aquarium also offers an immense Oceanarium through which pass some underwater tunnels across, which can make yourself like you're immersed in the marine habitat.

Sharks in L'Aquarium of Barcelona

These fabulous tunnels make your experience unforgettable in L'Aquarium especially if you are in Barcelona with kids, as they will without any doubt enjoy admiring the rays and sharks that will pass over their heads.

Tunnels in L'Aquarium of Barcelona

The underwater tunnel of the Aquarium of Barcelona is about 80 meters long and will make you feel like you're strolling through the seabed.

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