Aquarium of Barcelona

L'Aquarium of Barcelona is formed by a set of 35 tanks and has 11,000 animals of 450 species, an 80 meters long underwater tunnel and a total of six million liters of water.

L'Aquarium of Barcelona

It is considered a reference in Europe and it is the largest in the the world in Mediterranean theme.

Tickets can be booked via the Internet or can be purchased at the ticket office of the enclosure. Purchase on the Internet has the advantage that you save the huge queues that can be formed to enter the Aquarium, carrying them already printed. They are also cheaper online than at the box office.

Sharks in the Aquarium of Barcelona

There is no doubt that sharks are one of the main decoys and attractions of the Aquarium of Barcelona.

Sharks in the Aquarium of Barcelona

You can see them in different aquariums as well as by the underwater tunnels that allow you to observe them from all angles. In addition to adults, children will be hypnotized by these large animals that so much respect commands.

The different spaces in which these sharks live, will allow kids to watch them all the time they need. Children can sit in front of the window looking amazed to these magnificent sharks.

Underwater tunnels in L'Aquarium of Barcelona

This huge aquarium has been built not only by making separate aquariums showing different marine species, it also has a huge Oceanarium simulating the real ocean.

The Aquarium of Barcelona

It is here where they have built transparent underwater tunnels through which you can feel like you're under the ocean, watching the fishes and sharks not only to pass next to you, but also above your head.

It is an experience that kids will hardly forget, that if you are in Barcelona, you can not gloss over.

Take a look at the link below where you will find pictures of these tunnels in L'Aquarium of Barcelona.

Diving with sharks at L'Aquarium

If you have formal qualifications in diving, you have the possibility to make a dive with the sharks in the Aquarium of Barcelona. It is an opportunity that rarely occurs.

Diving in the Aquarium of Barcelona

Not only you can dive with sharks, but you can do it with thousands of fishes that share the aquarium with them. If you prefer, you can also do it in snorkel version.

And if you don’t have qualifications in diving, L'Aquarium offers you the chance to get started with a baptism of water where you will learn the basics of this sport.

This activity is intended for all members of the family from 8 years old. Find out more at the official website of L'Aquarium if you feel that you might be interested.

Marine Vegetation

When you think about the Aquarium, you think about the animals that live in the water. In the Aquarium of Barcelona, you can enjoy not only the rich colors of many fishes but the fabulous and wonderful vegetation that live in salt water.

The Aquarium of Barcelona

In L'Aquarium of Barcelona you will discover in addition to fishes, much of the vegetation that shares habitat with them, so rich in colors that it will hardly leave visitors indifferent.

L'Aquarium with children

Facade of L'Aquarium in Barcelona

If you're in Barcelona with children, it is undeniable that L'Aquarium is a great choice to spend a good time with them.

If they are very small they will enjoy the Explora! space, where they will experiment and learn with many interactive games where they can listen, see, touch and discover the marine nature.

L'Aquarium has conditioned this space, making it very striking to young children, with toboggans, tunnels and other fun items for children to learn and have fun at the same time.z

Aquarium Explora, space for kids

Also being the Aquarium in a so friendly area as the Port Vell, you can walk along La Rambla or take a boat tour on Las Golondrinas.

Fast Food Restaurant in the Aquarium

In the kid’s space Explora! of the Aquarium, there is a Fast Food style restaurant. There are many tables and attractive food for children, such as burgers, fries and pizza.

You will also find many vending machines distributed along all the enclosure.

Restaurant in the Aquarium of Barcelona

Other activities in L'Aquarium

L'Aquarium of Barcelona offers a variety of activities in addition to the exhibition.

The Barcelona Aquarium Auditorium

It has an auditorium where you can watch documentaries about marine world every half an hour, that you can go if you want to sit for a while and rest.

For those who have children, the Aquarium offers the opportunity to spend the night with the sharks. We recommend you to visit the website of the aquarium to get information about pricing and ages admitted.

L'Aquarium of Barcelona also offers various training and educational activities depending on the season for both individuals and schools.

If you are interested, you should contact the Aquarium or take a look at their website to get more information about the program and schedule.

Activities near the Aquarium

The Aquarium of Barcelona is a place in which you will not spend the whole day. If you go to visit it, it may be helpful to know other places in the area with which you can complement your visit to that part of town.

It is in the Moll d’Espanya in Port Vell, and it is one of the most tourist areas. There is the Maremagnum mall where you will have all the amenities of a shopping center such as shops, restrooms and restaurants.

Aquarium, Maremagnum, Moll d'Espanya

Next to the Aquarium you will find the Imax Port Vell, a cinema with giant and surround screen where you can watch spectacular 3D documentary films.

You can cross the bridge called Rambla del Mar and will reach the Portal de la Pau Square. In this square is the Viewpoint of Columbus from where you will have fabulous views of the Rambla and the port in general.

In the same square there are the Golondrinas that are boats to stroll through the port of Barcelona with several routes. One takes you to the Parc del Forum where the Blau Museum is.

Port Vell viewed from the Aquarium

If you go up to the Rambla a little, you will see an alley on the right with a placard of the Wax Museum and the cafe Bosc de les Fades. We recommend a visit to this cafe especially if you go with small children.

On the same level where the alley is, but in the other side of the Rambla is the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, a museum that is free on Sunday afternoons.

So, you can combine your visit to the Aquarium with a large range of other interesting activities.

Barcelona Aquarium

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How to get to the Aquarium of Barcelona

L’Aquarium is in the Maremagnum area, which is near the mall and has places to eat, shop and stroll, as well as cinemas and fast food restaurants. It is very close to the Imax Port Vell and the Moll de la Fusta.

Main entrance to the Barcelona Aquarium

You can cross the wooden bridge called La Rambla del Mar coming from the square where the Monument to Columbus is, or do it from the lowest part of Via Laietana.

In you can read an article that explains how to get to the Aquarium of Barcelona, check it out.

Anyway, it is a popular tourist area, so you can not miss it. The best option is to go walking, strolling through the area of the old port and El Moll de la Fusta.

A walk through the old port of Barcelona accompanied by the sound of seagulls and the smell of the sea, is a gift that you should make to yourself and can be considered a must to do in Barcelona.

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