Barcelona with children

Barcelona is an excellent city to travel with children. The variety of offerings provided by the city is ideal for combining visits to the city for the adults without kids get bored.

In the list of choices there are two types of visits to make with children. On the one hand those whose purpose is the children as protagonists, and secondly, visits for adults but trying to make them as enjoyable possible for the little ones.

If you are interested in visiting some museums with kids, you may be interested in the article that has prepared: Visiting museums in Barcelona with children.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

One of the clearest choices to dedicate the day to children, is surely the Tibidabo amusement park. Tibidabo is the mountain that can be seen at the north of the city. In it, there is located the amusement park that bears the same name. It is a park full of attractions, so if you decide to go, be prepared to spend the entire day.

Barcelona with children. the Tibidabo

To get to the Tibidabo amusement park, it is not necessary to have your own vehicle, even if it is at the mountain. We have a very fun combination to go by public transport. Something that children will appreciate.

Assuming that you start from Catalonia Square (the city center), initially would catch the FGC (same as the metro). Then we would take the Blue Tramway, and finally the Funicular Railway that would leave you at the park gates.

For a more detailed description of the route, you can click on the following link:

Wax Museum + Bosc de les Fades

The Bosc de les Fades is a cafe which is next to the wax museum.

Barcelona with children. The Bosc de les Fades

The special thing about this cafe is that it is decorated as a fairytale forest with a creek, trees, etc. You can take a look at the article about the Bosc de les Fades for more information about this special coffee shop, at the following link:

Both the Wax Museum and the Bosc de les Fades, are in an alley that comes in from the bottom of the Rambla, near the Columbus Viewpoint.

If you go down the Rambla, towards the sea, and you look at the central walk, you will see a ticket booth with a wax doll in the street. That is the height at which the alley which leads to the wax museum and the charming cafe located is.

Barcelona with children. The wax museum.

It should be mentioned that the wax museum is a private museum, and the ticket price is not particularly cheap.

For more information about the museum, you should visit the article about it.

How about a visit to one of the most outstanding works of the brilliant Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí?

Barcelona with kids, Casa Batlló

Especially designed for the smallest ones, Casa Batlló offers a theatrical visit through which you will discover the most curious secrets and anecdotes about the construction of one of the most unique buildings in the city.

Located on Passeig de Gràcia, La Casa Batlló, by itself a must-see in Barcelona, offers you by the hands of Gaudí himself or the family servant, Mrs. Ramoneta, a guided tour that you will hardly forget.

Let yourself be seduced by this opportunity offered by one of the most photographed buildings in the city of Barcelona, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Mammoth Museum

In the Born neighborhood, there is located a relatively new museum, the Mammoth Museum. It is a welcoming museum, which offers a range of services well oriented to children.

Barcelona with children. Mammoth Museum

On the one hand the pieces exhibited, will attract children. The huge mammoth at the entrance, the 'saber tooth' tiger with its impressive teeth, or the cave bear that is imposed in a small room, will undoubtedly attract the attention of children.

On the other hand, the museum takes full consider to children, offering a number of activities to them, as they could be games at the end of the guided tours or organize birthday parties in the enclosure of the museum.

The Rambla

The Rambla is the street with a promenade that goes from Plaça de Catalunya to the square where the Viewpoint of Columbus located is. It is undoubtedly a must for anyone who is visiting the city.

Barcelona with children. La Rambla.

Strolling along the Rambla although it is not especially a children's activity, it can be a starting point to go to other places, such as the Wax Museum, the Bosc de les Fades, the Columbus Viewpoint, the Port Vell (Old Port), the Maremagnum mall, the Aquarium of Barcelona, Imax 3D cinemas, etc., as they all are in the part of the city close to the sea.

Walking can be boring for children, especially for those who do not like to walk, but the Rambla has a number of attractions that can make this more entertaining for them to stroll. For example, human statues found in the middle-top or caricature painters and other artists who are in the middle-bottom.

For a more detailed description of the attractiveness of the Ramblas, you can click on the following link:

The Aquarium of Barcelona

The Aquarium of Barcelona is a set of 35 tanks containing 450 different species.

Barcelona with children. L'Aquarium.

It is located between the Imax area and the Maremagnum mall, so there are cinemas and fast food joints that children will love.

Younger guests will enjoy without doubt its underwater tunnels through which they can admire the big sharks. The Aquarium has a section dedicated to the little ones where they can play and have fun. It also includes a fast-food kind restaurant where you can eat burgers, pizza and fries.

The Aquarium offers as an activity for children to spend the night with the sharks. It is ideal for parents who want to spend a whole night resting without children.

Right in front of the aquarium is located a carousel that will delight the little ones.

For more information about the Barcelona Aquarium, visit the following links:

Barcelona Aquarium

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Parc de la Ciutadella + Zoo

The zoo is another quintessential place to go with children. The Barcelona Zoo is a fairly complete park. It also has an aquarium with dolphins. If you plan on going to the Barcelona Zoo, be sure to look at the schedules of dolphins shows.

Barcelona with children. The Zoo.

The zoo is located in the Citadel Park, so you can combine the visit to both parks. The Ciutadella Park is ideal for a walk with children as it has a huge statue of a mammoth, a lake with ducks and swans and it is plenty of space to run and play.

You can get more information about the Zoo and Parc de la Ciutadella on the following links:

Blau Museum

It is in the Parc del Forum area, and it is a museum of natural sciences with exhibitions very suitable for children, full of fossils, skeletons of animals, minerals, vegetables, etc.

Barcelona with children. Museum Blau.

The Forum area also used to have several temporary exhibitions, so it is easy to be combined with any other exhibition or recreational activity.

It is near the Diagonal Mar shopping center, where you can find sinks, some Fast Foods and other restaurants and shops of all kinds.

Science Museum (CosmoCaixa)

It is the science museum of Barcelona. It is a space full of exhibitions and activities for the children. The museum is large enough to spend the whole day by combining fixed and traveling exhibitions.

Barcelona with children. CosmoCaixa

Some permanent exhibitions, such as Toca Toca (petting exotic animals such as snakes, frogs or starfishes among others), or the Planetarium, need to acquire a separate entrance and / or book a place. You must get information at the museum. It is a museum that is very well priced and well worth the visit. Usually a pleasant experience for children and the not so young.

If you are going to spend all the day, remember that there is a café restaurant with menu and buffet as well as a garden where you can eat a snack.

Barcelona with children. CosmoCaixa

The activities and permanent exhibitions of the museum are, among others, the Flooded Forest (unique in Europe), the square of Science, the TocaToca where children have the opportunity to touch different animals like snakes, frogs, starfish, etc. .., the Weather Station, or the Planetarium, among others.

You can find more information about CosmoCaixa from the following link:

Planetarium - Planetarium 3D

The planetarium belongs to the Museum of Science and is located in the same facilities.

Planetarium Bombolla. Barcelona with Kids.

As a novelty, in December 2012 they have inaugurated the new 3D version, thus increasing the experience of seeing the entire dome projecting stars.

It is an experience that can be combined with visits to other exhibitions of the museum.

Las Golondrinas (boat ride)

The children will always appreciate a boat ride by the Old Port of Barcelona. Las Golondrinas offer this particular ride, since 1888.

Las Golondrinas .

They have different paths depending on the time you have available.

Mooring and ticket offices for Las Golondrinas are in the port, near the monument to Columbus in the bottom of the Rambla (we recommend to purchase tickets in advance). They are also very close to the Maremagnum, so you have typical mall services such as toilets, restaurants, shops, cinemas, etc.

For more information about Las Golondrinas, please visit the following link:

The Petit Liceu

Barcelona with children. The Petit Liceu

The Liceu Grand Theater, provides programming for younger guests, offering the opportunity to enjoy wonderful theater for children.

The Gran Teatre del Liceu, is halfway up La Rambla.

You need to be aware of the schedules and the shows, whose programming can be found on their website.

Cavalcade of the Magi

Barcelona with children. The Cavalcade of the Magi

Every year, the evening of Jan. 5, Barcelona receives the three Magi and their pageboys offering a parade through the city center. It is highly recommended if you are with kids that day in Barcelona.

It is usual that they arrive by boat at 17 am to the Moll de la Fusta where all children receive them.

If you plan to go to the parade, get information about the route and schedule. Note that it is a traditional activity and the number of attendees is very high. The exact route is usually published in all major newspapers and can be found on the Internet.

The Montjuic Castle

Children generally like castles. The visit to the Montjuic Castle offers the experience of discover both interiors and exteriors of a castle used as a military fortress.

Barcelona with children. Montjuic Castle

The visit to the castle can be combined with a walk outdoors.

In addition to buses that go up to the castle, you can do it by Aerial Tramway and the Montjuic Funicular Railway.

Take a look at the page dedicated to the castle for more information:

The Poble Espanyol

Barcelona with children. Pueblo Espanyol.

In Montjuic, near Plaça d'Espanya, is located the Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village).

The Poble Espanyol, reproduces characteristic buildings of different villages in Spain. It is highly recommended for an afternoon or an entire morning visit. It has restaurants, bars for snacks, and offers activities for children.

Children can discover handicrafts such as glassblowing, among others, because it is a place of work of many artisans who not only sell their products but make them there.

For more information visit the article link below:

The Camp Nou and Barça Museum

Barcelona with children. The Camp Nou and FC Barcelona Museum

There are many football fans. Many children will love visiting the impressive stadium of the Fútbol Club Barcelona, one of the most important football teams in the world with a stadium considered elite category by UEFA.

Children will see fulfilled his dream of visiting the largest stadium in Europe and fifth in the world, where there pass many of their sports idols and can also visit the FC Barcelona Museum.

The Nou Camp area is very quiet to walk and has a metro stop about 10 minutes walking from the stadium.

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