The Barcelona Zoo

The Barcelona Zoo is located in the Parc de la Ciutadella (Citadel Park). This location was chosen because the buildings in the park were available, after the celebration of the Universal Exhibition of 1888.

The Barcelona Zoo is working in these three areas: Conservation, research and education.

Seals in the Barcelona Zoo

This zoological park is internationally known for having been home to Snowflake (Copito de Nieve), the only albino gorilla known in the world and died in 2003.

The park is divided into different areas, where they try to reproduce the natural habitat of the animals. So, among other places, visitors can find:


Big cats in the Barcelona Zoo

You will enjoy the huge felines like the tiger and lions living in the Barcelona Zoo. Panther or cheetahs, have also their place in this space dedicated to big cats.

The Savannah

Elephants and giraffes in the Barcelona zoo savanna

If felines can catch the attention of children, large savannah animals are not left behind, such as elephants or giraffes. These species and much more live in the zoo and have also their place.

The Terrarium

The Terrarium at the Barcelona Zoo

This space of the zoo is divided into two different sections. The entrance is made across the building and there you will find different species of amphibians and reptiles such as alligators, turtles and snakes. In the second part, you will see large crocodiles.

The Land of Dragons

The Land of Dragons in the Zoo

In this area you can visit the Komodo Dragon or the Muntjac Deer as well as different species of birds.

The Aviary

The Zoo Aviary, Barcelona

As the name suggests, this area of the Barcelona Zoo is one of the main one where you can see different species of birds from different continents.

The Palmerar

The Zoo Palmerar, Barcelona

The Palmerar, is a place where you will find tropical birds like cockatoos and macaws.

The Children's Zoo or Farm

The Barcelona Zoo for Kids

The little ones, have the opportunity to visit this space where various species of domesticated animals live, such as horses, sheep or goats among others, which kids can pet.

The dolphin show at the Zoo

Dolphin show, Zoo, Barcelona

You should not miss the opportunity to attend the dolphin show at the Barcelona Zoo. In addition to demonstrating their abilities as great swimmers and divers, at the zoo they will give you a variety of educational lessons about these wonderful mammals.

Show with sea lions

Swa Lions Show at the Zoological Park

In addition to the dolphins, the zoo offers a show with sea lions. You should consult the showtimes.

For everyone

The Zoo is free from obstacles. There are ramps in all areas, except in the Aquarama, which has a lifting platform which is suitable for disabled people.

Car hire in Barcelona Zoo

Furthermore, it is possible to rent small cars through which you can stroll through almost the whole enclosure, which can be useful for people who for some reason suffers walking difficulties.

Picnic areas

In addition to cafes and restaurants in the zoo you'll find plenty of picnic areas where you can eat snacks or food you take from home. Visiting the zoo takes time, which will force you to stay for lunch and spend the whole day. Prices of food and drink within the enclosure are not particularly cheap.

Carrying food to the Zoo

You will find many fountains for drinking water distributed throughout the installation of the zoo, so you do not have to worry about hydration.

Zoo visit with children

Obviously it is a wonderful choice if you want to spend an entire day with the smaller of the house. We suggest you to read the article that gives an overview of the advantages that you will find for choosing to visit the zoo with children.

How to get to the Zoo

The zoo is located inside the Parc de la Ciutadella. It is very close to the Estació de França which has a Renfe / Adif stop. It is also located next to the metro line L1 stops named Marina and Arc de Triomf and the metro stops corresponding to L4 Cuitadella-Vila Olimpica and Barceloneta.

Those who prefer to move on foot to enjoy a walk around the city can start their tour in Catalonia Square. This route takes approximately 30 minutes, which can be done by people of all ages.

For more information we recommend you reading the article that explains how to go to the zoo.

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