The big animals at the Zoo

The Barcelona Zoo reproduces a savannah where you can see very close, the large animals like giraffes and elephants. In this space of the zoo, both children and adults will be impressed by the size of these huge inhabitants of the African continent.

Elephants at the Barcelona Zoo

You can also leave you impressed by the brown bears and other big animals distributed around the zoo, being surprised by its size like the hippo or the rhinos.

Many children come to the park with the hope of visiting these animals, like the big cats from the zoo.


At the Barcelona Zoo you will see various specimens of African elephants, this big animal belonging to the African savanna and forests. You can see how they bath in the lake or how they moves they 6 tons that may exceed and the 4 meters height which they can reach, making it the largest mammal on earth.

An Elephant living at the Barcelona Zoo

Unfortunately, it is one of the many animals in danger of extinction due to uncontrolled killings in search of ivory.


At the Barcelona Zoo you can admire the second largest mammal on the planet, only surpassed by the elephant. They can measure two meters in height and weigh more than 4 tons, measuring about 4 meters long.

Huge Rhino

Rhino hunting in order to get their horns has put them at serious risk of extinction.


The animals with the longest neck of the world also live in the zoo of the city. Several specimens live in this artificial savannah built in the park.

Giraffe at the Barcelona Zoo


At the entrance to the Savannah, there is a lake where you can watch how hippos bathe. If you're lucky, you'll see them yawn and open his big mouth.

Hippo at the Zoo


At the zoo you can also see several specimens of brown bears, those omnivores who give so much respect. They could once be seen in the forests of Europe, Asia and North America, but unfortunately nowadays they are only common in Canada, Alaska and the former Soviet Union, although you can still see some specimens in the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees.

Brown Bear, Barcelona Zoo

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