A walk around the Montjuic Castle

Santa Amalia bulwark in the Castle of Barcelona in Montjuic

Some years ago, the Castle of Montjuic changed its ownership and became to take over the City of Barcelona.

One change he suffered, perhaps the larger, was the withdrawal of the military museum that was transferred to Figueres. Another more recent change is that from March 2014 it is required to pay a ticket to get inside because the city council has decided to outsource the management of the space.

Santa Eulalia moat, in Montjuic Castle in Barcelona

Although there are dates in which both the entry and the tour of the Castle of Montjuic visit are free, such as The Barcelona Night of the Museums or the International Museum Day, it is possible to enjoy this fortress on Montjuic mountain having a walk around it. It is one way to enjoy the mountains and the castle without having to pay an entrance fee for the visit. It's another way to enjoy the Castle of Montjuic.

Kinds of visitors

While the inside of the Castle of Montjuic is frequented mainly by tourists, the outside is mostly enjoyed by the locals themselves who use it to go to the mountain without moving away from Barcelona.

Outside the Castle of Montjuic in Barcelona

Except for some tourist who enters and risks for a ride or a walk around the Castle of Montjuic, the exteriors are frequented by people walking their pets, athletes running and the occasional couple looking for a quiet walk.

Montjuic Castle in Barcelona

The views from the mountain of Montjuic

One of the attractions of the Montjuic mountain is that it has fabulous views from both, the side facing the city of Barcelona, ​​as the side facing the sea. There is no wonder that it has been chosen as the place to build the former watchtower and subsequently over time became the fortress it is nowadays.

Views from the Montjuic Castle

Besides walking down a quiet area, you will have the opportunity not only to enjoy breathtaking views of Barcelona, ​​but you will have superb views of the commercial port of the Condal City. But keeping in mind that the port of Barcelona is not just any port. This is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean Sea and in the world. If you visit the Castle of Montjuic, to see containers and cranes is not the main attraction, but it is worth to see the huge port of Barcelona from the top of the mountain of Montjuic.

Barcelona port

A walk around the Castle of Montjuic

In this virtual stroll, we will tour around the castle in reverse order of clockwise.

The route starts on the right side of the main facade of the castle. We will find a huge moat with lawn and grass. This is the Santa Eulalia Moat and it is used by members of the Club Arc Montjuic, to practice archery shooting.

Exteriors of the Barcelona Castle in Montjuic

This moat is an ideal place for practicing this sport, but it has also a special historical interest because Santa Eulalia Moat is where Lluís Companys, former president of the Catalan Government was executed after being imprisoned in the castle.

Exteriors of the Barcelona Castle in Montjuic

If you look at the wall behind the archery shooters, you will see a small column and a commemorative plaque on the wall dedicated to Lluís Companys.

A path outside the Castle of Montjuic

If we continue the walk to the end of the Moat of Santa Eulalia, leaving behind a car parking used by archery shooters, we have no choice but to turn left. (On our walk, we keep always the castle on our left).

Strolling around the Castle of Barcelona in Montjuic

We continue along the path and see more moats. One has a small track for learning to drive. These are miniature streets with traffic lights and road signs, if you go to the castle with children they will have a great time learning to drive. This is the Children's Traffic Park. At this point, we can continue down the moat or continue straight ahead as if we wanted going towards the end of the mountain to the sea.

Montjuic Castle in Barcelona

When you arrive at the end you will see that you have reached the edge of the mountain. Beyond is the ravine and if you look down you will see the sea and the port of Barcelona.

At this point you will find yourself in the middle of a path by which you can go to the right, ie get away from the castle, or you can go left which means you continue bordering the Castle of Montjuic.

We chose the latter path, and continue to have the castle on our left side.

Around the Fortress in Montjuic

Here you'll find a path that will take you almost to the front door of the castle. At your right hand you will have the Mediterranean Sea and the port of Barcelona. In this way there are many benches to sit if you want to rest. At the end of this path there are stairs that take you to the front door and the entrance bridge to the Montjuic Castle.

If you've followed the instructions correctly, you've been around the fort, which is not the same as visiting it inside, but you will not have to pay a ticket for a stroll that is also interesting.

Getting the Montjuic Castle

In HappyBarcelona.eu you will find a full article explaining you the different ways you have to get to the Castle of Montjuic. If you are interested and do not know how to go, we suggest reading it.

But as advance in addition to walking, which is the recommendation we always make from HappyBarcelona, which in this case you might pass through the Olympic Park of Montjuic and the National Palace, if you prepare the path with a map, one method more simple is to take bus number 150 in Spain Square (Plaça d'Espanya), which is a very well connected.

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