Dolphins at the Barcelona Zoo

The Barcelona Zoo is making changes in its exposure of dolphins and this article may be outdated.

One of the many attractions that the Barcelona Zoo offers, is undoubtedly the dolphin show which takes place in Hall of the Dolphins.

Dolphins in Barcelona Zoo

The dolphin show takes about half an hour, in which these wonderful animals make a demonstration of their ability in swimming or jumping.

A didactic experience

The dolphin show in the Barcelona Zoo includes a didactic explanation about these wonderful mammals. Among other things, caregivers teach the public how to differentiate a male from a female, and other characteristics of this species are also explained, such as the way they see using their sonar.

Dolphin Show at the Barcelona Zoo

You can also listen to the sounds emitted by these dolphins and observe the difference between them.

The Dolphin Show

Dolphins make jumps, swim, raise their hind flippers, swim high in the medium- body or greet the public with his side flaps. It's a show that young children and adults will enjoy without any doubt.

Dolphin Show at the Zoo in Barcelona

In addition, these carnivorous mammals help caregivers to prepare the show. One of the caretakers gives a rope to a dolphin and this takes it to another caregiver who is at the other end of the hall to tighten it and so the dolphins do jumps above.

Huge queues to see the dolphins

The dolphin show has been very successful and important queues to attend it are formed. If you are interested in this show that offers the Barcelona Zoo, we recommend you to queue up between 30 and 45 minutes earlier, because if not, although the capacity is large, you run the risk of not being able to enter, especially if you are visiting the zoo at the weekend or on a public holiday.

Dolphin Show in Barcelona at the Zoo

However, from we consider worth doing this queue to see this magnificent spectacle of dolphins at the Barcelona Zoo.

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