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In a culturally important City like Barcelona, there can not lack the museums. Already in itself, the city is an impressive historical-cultural and architectural showcase. His modernist buildings, the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gótic) or the Barcelona’s Old Town (Ciutat Vella) and parks such as Parc Güell, the Labyrinth Park in Horta neighborhood etc., allow the visitor to enjoy a huge range of cultural delights.

In addition, Barcelona has dotted around the city many museums whose diversity and quality will undoubtedly appreciate any visitor, which may find traditional exhibitions and museums, children's museums with exhibits and activities for the youngest, and curious museums or whose thematic is out than usual, just to name a few examples.

Prices of museums in Barcelona are very diverse. Some, usually private museums, unless they have subsidized, are not cheap, but the most are not too expensive, while public museums, tend to be well priced. In this meaning, we recommend you not only to consult entry prices but also complementary activities or exposures, to avoid surprises. Maybe, the best recommendation is that anyone who is interested in visit a museum, take a look at the official web page. Check the list of major museums of Barcelona that has compiled for you, where you can find the major museums with links to their website.

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Continuing on the issue of price, you will find museums, in which for a small fee at the entrance, will include other museum exhibitions or entry to special exhibitions and/or activities within the museum. For example, the Blau Museum of Natural Sciences (Museu Blau), includes for a small fee, admission to the Botanical Garden of Barcelona (in Montjuic Park). Or the CosmoCaixa (Science Museum of Barcelona), has an activity called Toca-Toca (touch-touch), in which children can pet exotic animals, but the Toca-Toca is not included with museum admission and its ticket must be pay separately.

In some museums it is also usual to find temporary or traveling exhibitions. For dates of these exhibitions, there is no other option but to see the schedule of each museum, you are interested in.

In Barcelona you can also find rare or curious museums which visit may be of interest. The Automaton Museum of Barcelona in the Tibidabo Amusement Park, the Mammoth Museum, the Museum of Funeral Carriages, the Chocolate Museum and the Museum of Ideas and Inventions, are just some examples.

Museum Schedule

The schedule is usually the day of the city, ie from 10 am to 20 pm. However each museum can change both times, when opening and closing the exhibitions, and to check times before visiting is recommended. It is also easy to find a slightly different timetables depending on time of year.

It is very difficult to find a museum closing doors to lunchtime. It is also important to know that on Sundays, many museums open their doors mornings only, or until mid-afternoon, while others open on Sunday afternoons, even for free.

The Night of the Museums (La Nit dels Museus)

La Nit dels Museus, in Catalan means "The Night of Museums". It is a cultural initiative that is held in different European cities including Barcelona, where one night a year, "La Nit dels Museus", they remain open to the public, and whose entry is free usually from 19 pm to 1 am.

The Night of the Museums takes place on a weekend near the International Museum Day, which is May 18, a date that is also important because usually most of the museums in Barcelona open the doors all the day for free.

To know the list of museums attached to this initiative, it will be necessary to consult the official website at the following link:

Discounts at museums

Each museum has its discount policy. But typically, there are usually student discounts, so do not forget to bring your college member card if this is your case and you will save some money. Usually, there are also discounts for members of the Library Network of Barcelona. For people under a certain age, for example 12 years old children, or for older people, generally over 65, is also common to find some discounts. Many museums offer discounts for children and senior citizens or holders of the Pink Card. Some museums also offer discounts for large families.

Many museums in Barcelona are free on Sunday afternoons. We emphasize the advice of check the official website of the museum that you want to visit, so you can know in advance whether or not you are entitled to any discounts available, in addition to knowing opening times, prices, etc.

Free Museums on Sunday afternoon and other days

In Barcelona, some museums open their doors on Sunday afternoons for free, usually after 15h. It is a very good choice to avoid spend money visiting them.

The recommendation to do if you're planning to visit museums in Barcelona is to have a look at the official website of each of those museums in which you are interested, there you will find schedules and price conditions as some museums are free on the first Saturday or Sunday of each month, or some days after a certain time.

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