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Hi !

My native languages are Spanish and Catalan. HappyBarcelona.eu is originally written in Castilian Spanish, and my knowledge of English as a foreign language is limited. I hope the reader will understand it and will ignore the grammatical mistakes that may appear in the texts, and knows how to appreciate the real mission of HappyBarcelona.eu, which is to convey the main points of interest that can be found in the city of Barcelona, whether for the potential visitor and to the Barcelonian themselves.

Although I make an effort to have the texts of the highest quality possible, it is impossible with my knowledge of English language, to write grammatically correct texts 100%.

I am a person who lives in Barcelona and try to be as honest and sincere as possible. I hope the reader will appreciate more to receiving information from honest and native source, valuing these parameters over the grammatical correctness. Thanks for understanding.

Enjoy Barcelona !

Kind Regards

Dani Paschkes  ( Follow me on Google + )

About English translation

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