Exteriors of the Old Sant Pau Hospital (Art Nouveau Site)
Recinte Modernista Sant Pau

View of the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau in Barcelona

In the two preceding articles a brief introduction to the history of the Sant Pau Hospital, as well a tour of the indoor of the Art Nouveau Site in which it has become nowadays was made. The present article will make a brief overview of exterior and the facades of the old Sant Pau Hospital, in order that those who intend to visit it, can get an idea of what they might find.

Details of the pavilions of the Art Nouveau Site in Barcelona

If Art Nouveau interiors of the Sant Pau Site are awesome, the facades of the different pavilions composing the old hospital are equally astonishing.

The different pavilions are very similar at first glance, but there are not the details included in those facades. Hence visitors should attentively observe each one. For example, each pavilion bearing the name of a saint or holy, includes his sculpture guarding the main facade.

Sant Pau Hospital of Lluis Domenec i Montaner

Very close to the Administration Pavilion doors there is map like a small model of the site, where you can see how the pavilions on the left are named after female saints while those on the right are male.

Saint sculptures

The site is still under restoration (March 2014) and it is easy to find fencing surrounding the areas that are not visitable. Visitors should pay attention and not confuse areas thinking that they can not walk there. For example the right side of Administration Pavilion’s facade (looking from the courtyard) has to be seen with care and should not be considered to be something that is not visitable, as it is apparently hidden. You can go to that part of the garden.

Art Nouveau Site Sant Pau, from Lluis Domenec i Montaner. Barcelona

As practical information it is worth to indicate that the visitor has toilets in more than one pavilion, and various drinking fountains and benches in the courtyard of the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau.

Photosphere of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

How to go to Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

A pavilion from the old Art Nouveau Hospital in Barcelona

It is perhaps the most touristic area of ​​l'Eixample district being 4 blocks diagonally from the Sagrada Familia. This diagonal is crossed by Antoni Gaudí Avenue.

Metro line 5 has a station which is named Sant Pau, and the tourist bus passes in front of the Art Nouveau Site.

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