Interiors of the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau
Recinte Modernista Sant Pau

In two other articles, HappyBarcelona briefly describes the history of the the Sant Pau Hospital and the exteriors and facades of the Art Nouveau Site which has become after its restoration.

The old Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona. Lluis Domenec i Montaner.

Through this article we will try to make a brief overview of what the visitor of the old Sant Pau Hospital will find on their visit to the monumental Art Nouveau Site. A must see for all lovers of Art Nouveau architecture that visit the city of Barcelona.

Ceilings at the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau

The main entrance to the complex is made by the Administration Pavilion, on a corner of Barcelona's Eixample district. Undoubtedly, the entrance will be not indifferent to the visitor. Trencadis spheres and marble arches on ceilings will amazed by its beauty.

Art Nouveau corridor at the old Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, from Lluis Domenec i Montaner.

Trencadís (broken tile shards) is a widely used technique in the Catalan Art Nouveau architecture, which can be found again and again in the old Sant Pau Hospital and particularly clearly in another Art Nouveau place in Barcelona, another must for lovers of Art Nouveau: the Park Güell.

The tour continues with steps leading to a hallway with large windows and the Art Nouveau ceiling so beautiful and so worked, which confirm that the visit has been worthwhile.

The old Sant Pau Hospital Pavilions

Following the route indicated by this pavilion you will pass by different chambers, all with stunning Art Nouveau details. In some rooms there are monitors projecting information about the restoration of the old Hospital de Sant Pau and its transformation into the new Art Nouveau Site.

Once traversed the halls of the Administration Pavilion that are truly amazing, if the official route is followed, you will go down stairs leading to the tunnels of the old hospital, through which workers moved and carried the stretchers. The route through the tunnel leads to the modernist courtyard of the site, from which you can visit the rest of the pavilions. Each of these pavilions had its particular function in the old hospital.

Administration Pavilion in Sant Pau Hospital

Each pavilion as of this writing has been restored (March 2014), has a different style, so visitors should take it easy and go visiting one by one to admire its interior construction and particular style.


The visit inside the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau, is undoubtedly one of those visits that are difficult to forget. Whether or not the visitor is a lover of this very present architectural trend characteristic in the city of Barcelona, ​​visiting the old Hospital de Sant Pau will be worth.

Ceilings and windows at the old Art Nouveau hospital in Barcelona

The tour inside the site, has toilets and places to sit. There are also elevators for visitors that needs them. The courtyard of the old Sant Pau Hospital, has also several water fountains for drinking. However it is advisable to request information if you want to visit the site with people with disabilities.

How to get to the old Sant Pau Hospital

It is located in the Eixample district of Barcelona and is very close to the Sagrada Familia. If you're there, you should go walking. There is a metro station named Sant Pau (line 5). In addition, the tourist bus stops in the area as it is the largest Art Nouveau Site in Europe and also is very close to the masterpiece of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, the Sagrada Familia.

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