How to get to El Bosc de les Fades

If you are strolling around the area of the Columbus Viewpoint or you are coming from the area where the Aquarium of Barcelona is, especially if you are doing it with children, you should consider taking a break and stop by this special cafe called El Bosc de les Fades, decorated and set in a fantastic forest taken from a fairy tale.

The Barcelona Wax Museum and El Bosc de les Fades

You should know that El Bosc de les Fades may be considered the Barcelona Wax Museum cafeteria, a fact that indicates that to get to the cafeteria you should first locate the museum, which is possibly better explained in many tourist guides.

Going to El Bosc de les Fades from La Rambla

Even though it is not the only way, it is usually done through an alley facing the Barcelona Rambla.

Barcelona Wax Museum

In the lower part of this famous street, if you're looking at the sea, at the left hand side there is an alley. This is the Passatge de la Banca and gets its name because the building that houses the Wax Museum, hosted the offices of the former Bank of Barcelona.

At the entrance to this alley, you can see a signboard from side to side stated in large Wax Museum and El Bosc de les Fades. This is the alleyway you have to walk in.

On La Rambla, at the height of the alley, there is a green stand, that if the museum is open, you will see a cart at his side with a wax figure on it.

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