How to get to Montjuic Park

The Montjuic mountain is located at the southwest of Barcelona. The tourist might think that it is a little out of the city, and to go to Montjuic, he will need to find some transport, but nothing is further from reality.

National Palace, Montjuic Park

This mountain that from recent years is coining the name of Montjuic Park, is part of the huge heritage of the city of Barcelona.

If you are visiting Barcelona and do not know the city well, you can get as orientation information, to get an idea, that Montjuic is about half an hour walking from Catalonia Square (Plaça de Catalunya) if you stroll along the Gran Via Avenue.

In this article,, is going to explain you, how to get to Montjuic Park from different points of the city.

Catalonia National Art Museum

The Montjuic National Palace

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Getting to Montjuic Park from Spain Square

When it comes to explaining how to get to Montjuic, one is almost forced to mention the Spain Square (Plaça d'Espanya). The reason is as simple as that in this place the mountain begins.

Montjuic Park

In Spain Square you will see two huge Venetian towers that guard the Reina Maria Cristina Avenue. This street can be considered the beginning of Montjuic Park. At the end of this avenue there is located the Magic Fountain of Montjuic and if you look towards the top of the mountain you will be watching the National Palace, which hosts the MNAC, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, one of the most important museums in Barcelona and also one of the many that you can access if you purchased the Barcelona Card. has an article that explains how to get to Spain Square from different places but you should know that you can take the L1 and L3 metro lines and few lines of FGC, which are the railroads of the Catalan Government.

One could say that to get to Montjuic Park,beside you have other ways described below, you should first reach Spain Square and from there go up to Montjuic, in fact, if you are in Spain Square you've reached the Montjuic Park doors.

Getting to Montjuic Park from Sants Station

You must go to Spain Square that from Sants Station is about at 15 minutes walking.

Tarragona Street, Spain Square

If you're inside the station, you have to go through the doors facing the east (the side of the station where the pharmacy is) and take the Tarragona street which is the big one at the bottom of the huge pedestrian square, to the right .

Just follow the Tarragona street straight ahead and you will get to Spain Square.

If you do not want to walk from Sants Station you can also take the subway using line L3 which is in the same station and is only 2 stops from Spain Square.

Getting to Montjuic Park from Catalonia Square

As discussed above, you will have to walk about half an hour if you want to walk from Catalonia Square. Just look for the Gran Vía and take this avenue to the west. As a guideline, if you are in Catalonia Square you can walk up to Passeig de Gràcia and the first street, which is Gran Vía, take it to the left. This street will take you straight to Spain Square.

Although the recommendation is that you address first to University Square, because you will save path.

If you prefer to go by public transport, besides the buses in the Gran Via, we recommend you to take the metro, you can do so from Catalonia Square or University Square. In both cases the line L1 (red).

This metro line will leave you at the gates of Montjuic Park in less than 10 minutes if you get off at the stop which is called Espanya.

Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona

Getting to Montjuic Park from the Columbus Viewpoint

If you are in the area of the Columbus Viewpoint you can take the L3 line (green) in the Drassanes metro stop, which is very close to the Royal Shipyards. This line will leave you in Spain Square in less than 10 minutes.

This indication is also used if you are around the Maremagnum area, the Aquarium or the Port Vell in general.

Getting to Montjuic Park from Urquinaona Square

In Urquinaona Square can take L1 metro line (red) that leaves you in Spain Square, or as noted above, at the gates of Montjuic Park.

Getting to Montjuic Park from Francesc Macia Square

If you are around Francesc Macia Square, you're about a half an hour walking from Spain Square. You should take the Josep Tarradellas avenue until you reach the square where Sants Estació is. Once on the square of this station, called Plaça dels Paisos Catalans (Catalan Countries Square), you must continue along the Tarragona street straight ahead. You can’t miss it.

Getting to Montjuic Park by private car

If you want to go to Montjuic Park by car, you have different routes of entry. On the one hand, as you might expect, you can enter through Spain Square, but you must be aware because if there is any exhibition, Reina Maria Cristina avenue will probably be closed off in addition to the collapses that you can find in Spain Square due traffic.

A gateway widely used to drive up to Montjuic Park is the Lleida street, you can take it from the Eixample crossing the Parallel Avenue, if you come along the Vilamarí Street and you will pass through the Teatre Lliure and the Greek theater. You can also take it if the Reina Maria Cristina avenue is closed off.

Another option, if you come from the area of L'Hospitalet is to do it by the Zona Franca, in this case you must enter the Carrer del Foc (Fire street) and get to the part behind the Montjuic Olympic Park.

Where to park in Montjuic

Montjuic Park has a lot of blue and green areas. If you do not know what it is, they are simply areas of street parking, charged and for a limited time.

However, there are some places where you will be able to park on Montjuic without paying or being dependent on the schedule, although in many of them it will be hard to find a place. In others there used to be enough space for parking.

A place where you can park your car is in the Montjuic Castle parking, it is free and very big, so you will find place for sure.

Another area where used to to be place for car parking is in front of the Olympic Park, where the Picornell pools and the Olympic Stadium are.

We recommend you read the article in which explains in detail where you can park on Montjuic.

The Hop On Hop Off bus to go to Montjuic Park

If you've hired the Hop On Hop Off bus ticket, you should know that this bus stops in addition to Spain Square, in the main attractions located in Montjuic Park such as Poble Espanyol, the Magic Fountain, Olympic Park, the cable car station and the castle on the top.

The bus line number 150

If you dont have hired the Hop On Hop Off bus you should not worry because the city bus line 150 leave from Spain Square and goes up to the top of the mountain through the main sights of Montjuic Park.

The Funicular Railway of Montjuic

The Montjuic Funicular has its station in Paral.lel street, where there stops metro lines L2 and L3.

It can be a very attractive way, if you are in Barcelona with children, which leaves you in the same cable car station, transport which in turn leaves you at the top of Montjuic Park, just where the castle is.

The price of the Montjuic Funicular is the equivalent of a trip by bus or metro, as it is part of the integrated fare system, you can even take advantage of the same ticket if you get it by public transport.

The Montjuic Cable Car

It is a tourist and leisure transport. The cable car station is in the same mountain and takes you to the Montjuic Castle, which is in the highest part.

If you plan to take the cable car, you can go to the station having a stroll, or even go by the Funicular Railway.

Montjuic Cable Car

The castle and to the viewpoint
Barcelona from the top

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The price of the Montjuic Cable Car, being a leisure transport is more expensive than conventional public transport, but has the advantage that you can enjoy breathtaking views of Barcelona, the marina and Montjuic Park.

Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona

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