How to get to the Wax Museum

Wax Museum, Barcelona

The Barcelona Wax Museum is on the lower part of the Gothic Quarter, in the district of Ciutat Vella, the old town of Barcelona.

Museo de Cera

The easiest way to get to the museum, is to do it from the lowest part of La Rambla, almost reaching the Columbus Viewpoint. At that point you will see down on the left side of La Rambla a green stand where they sell tickets and you can get information. The stand belongs to the Wax Museum, and it is located practically on an alley that goes into the Gothic Quarter, which is called Passatge de la Banca. This passageway leads you directly to the Barcelona Wax Museum, El Bosc de les Fades which is a cafe belonging to the museum and the Passatge del Temps, another cafe that is also a curio shop.

How to get to the Wax Museum from Plaza Catalunya

It is very easy to get to this museum starting from Catalonia Square. If you have time, we recommend you a stroll through the Gothic Quarter, which would consist of going down on Portal de l'Angel and take the street that is on the right side of the Cathedral (carrer del Bisbe) and go to the Sant Jaume square. Once in this square, which is where you will find the City Council you could take the street Ferran (bottom right) that leads to La Rambla. And just this latter, go down the street to the passageway leading to the museum, located on the left hand, down La Rambla.

If you do not want to complicate, you can also take La Rambla directly from Catalonia Square.

Exteriors of the Wax Museum, Barcelona, Spain

Getting the Wax Museum from Via Laietana

You might find yourself near Urquinaona Square or Via Laietana. In addition to the walks you can take through the Gothic Quarter, a direct way to go to the Wax Museum is going down Via Laietana until reaching the Passeig de Colom, take this street to the right, as if you go to the Columbus Monument, which is on the lowest part of La Rambla. You must take this street upward but paying attention, because at the very beginning is the Passatge de la Banca, the alley leading to the Barcelona Wax Museum, El Bosc de les Fades and the Passatge del Temps.

Getting the Wax Museum by public transport

If you prefer to take the subway to the Wax Museum, you can take the L3 line (green) and get off at the stop which is called Drassanes. Depending on where you pick out, you will come out near the Royal Shipyards (Barcelona Maritime Museum) or La Rambla. Wherever you go out, you must go to La Rambla and walk across to the other side because it is where the alleyway that leads to the museum is.

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