The Gaudí Crypt in Colonia Güell
La Cripta de Gaudí

Windows and belfry from the Gaudí Crypt;

The church of the Colonia Guell (Gaudí’s Crypt), was the scene of tests used by Antoni Gaudí, to experiment and test complex architectural solutions that were used for the construction of the Sagrada Familia.

Exhibition of the Colonia Guell

The tourist visitor who wants to leave out a bit of the big city and visit a monument, should take the opportunity to visit this church, which is less than half an hour from Barcelona. But if in addition the visitor is interested in the Catalan modernist, will discover in addition to the crypt, the great church built by Gaudí, an industrial neighborhood with buildings built by the main catalan modernist architects: La Colonia Güell, which distracted tourists, should not confuse with the Parc Güell, a park in Barcelona.

Inside of the Crypt of Gaudi

Visit the Crypt of Gaudí, is essential for understanding the Sagrada Familia. In it, can be found for the first time the catenary arches, while simplifying the problem of the loads, determine the use of exterior walls shaped hyperbolic paraboloids. It should not be disregarded on the itinerary of all interested in the Catalan modernist architecture.

Ceiling and windows in the Church of the Colonia Guell. Gaudi Crypt

An unfinished work, in the words of the genius of Gaudí: "If it had been done, would be a monumental model of the Sagrada Familia." The Crypt was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2005.

Outside the church of the Colonia Guell, Gaudí Crypt

To enter the crypt, you will have to purchase a ticket that includes an exhibition about Colonia Güell. The ticket must be purchased in what formerly was the Cooperative, which today houses the tourist office in the Colonia Guell. Those who take the Bus Turistic (tourist bus) service will have the option to come with the ticket purchased. And those who come in FGC, will have also the option to buy a combined ticket (FGC + Cripta de Gaudi) with the train ticket, bought in Spain Square (Plaça d’Espanya) . However, the entrance is not expensive and can be purchased in this tourist office.

The roof of the church of the Colonia Guell. Gaudí Crypt

Getting to the Gaudi Crypt

To visit the Crypt you have to go to Santa Coloma de Cervelló, municipality where Colonia Güell belongs. It's as easy as going to Spain Square (Plaça d'Espanya) and take the FGC. The trip takes 23 minutes and you have to get off at "Colonia Güell" station. Can’t miss it. The train station is on the same road where the main entrance to the Colonia Güell is.

Gaudí Crypt

Bus to Colonia Güell

A much simpler way to get to the Colonia Güell and to the Gaudi Crypt, but that requires more budget is to book an excursion that has as its starting point the Catalonia Square in the center of Barcelona. This tour is combined and after visiting the Colonia Güell it continues to the Montserrat Monastery, another place outside Barcelona which also deserves much worth seeing.

It is interesting to hire these tours well in advance due to the high demand, as both the Colonia Güell and the Montserrat Monastery are two very high tourist attractions in Barcelona and it is easy to stay without tickets.

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