Boat ride with Las Golondrinas

As it can be not lack in any tourist town touching the sea, in Barcelona you can also make a tourist boat ride on its port and its coastline, so you can get good pictures of the Skyline from the sea.

Las Golondrinas boat ride

The leading company of Barcelona that offers these boat trips, is called Las Golondrinas. Although it is not the only one, it is the best known of those that operate in the Port Vell (the Old Port) and is the company that takes longer time offering riding routes through the old port of Barcelona, as they do it since 1888.

Las Golondrinas are therefore boats giving these tourist rides along the coast and the Port Vell.

The Golondrinas boats

Las Golondrinas in the port of Barcelona

The Golondrina is a type of tourist boat powered by a motor, which may have one or two decks. The Golondrinas tend to make short-haul cruises around the harbor where they have their mooring. According to Wikipedia, the Golondrinas of the port of Barcelona were the first to use this name.

The company Las Golondrinas also offers rides in modern catamarans focused on amateur sailing public, but the classic tour around the harbor for the whole family is done with traditional boats that are called Golondrina itself, which is at once the most contracted service.

Las Golondrinas routes

Boat ride, las Golondrinas

Las Golondrinas offers to the general public two routes. One short that lasts about 40 minutes, allowing you to discover the port of Barcelona and another one that lasts 1 hour and a half, for discovering the port, the coast and the beaches of Barcelona, arriving to the port of the Forum.

From the tourist point of view, recommends you, if the budget allows you, to hire the long ride (1’5 hour), since you will not only see the port of Barcelona, but upon reaching to the other end of the city, you can enjoy the Skyline of Barcelona from the Mediterranean Sea as well as discover some of its beaches and the Olympic port.

What gives each of the routes?

This boat ride provides you the visit to a part of the city you could hardly find from land.

With the short ride, that is the one that takes about 40 minutes, you will visit:

Europe Gate Bridge
The Clock Tower
Views of the Montjuic Mountain
Views of the Montjuic Castle
Hotel W
Fishing boats area

Whereas with the longer ride, which lasts for one hour and a half, the company offers to visit:

The port and the coastline of Barcelona
Barceloneta Beach
The Olympic Port
Olympic Port beaches
Barcelona Skyline from the sea
Port Forum

The boats that make this second path have bar service on board and are accessible to wheelchair users.

A boat ride for everyone

Both children and adults will enjoy any of these cruises offered by Las Golondrinas of Barcelona.

Las Golondrinas boat ride

They are tourism purposes boats, which are equipped for all audiences, with seating and shipboard personnel.

Being rides along the coast, they offer a view of the city of Barcelona from a different perspective than usual, where you can take good photographs of the Barcelona skyline from the sea.

Arriving at the Parc del Forum with Las Golondrinas boats

The route of 1 hour and a half that make Las Golondrinas boats goes to the port at the Forum on the other end of Barcelona.

Las Golondrinas, Port Forum

During periods of summertime, when the sea is calmer and specifically the months of July, August and September, these boats ships dock at the Forum Port and you will have the opportunity to visit this area of the city, and may visit the Blau Museum of Natural Sciences, that is a very good idea if you visit Barcelona with children.

Parc del Forum

In addition, in that area there are large spaces for strolling and there is the Diagonal Mar mall with the usual services of a shopping center as toilets, shops and restaurants.

Ensure your ride with Las Golondrinas

Boat Ride, las Golondrinas

Just ahead of the same dock there is a stand where they sell tickets for these boat trips. You will see the deckhouse very near the Rambla del Mar, which is the bridge that leaves you in front of the Maremagnum, at the Spain Wharf.

That part of the Port Vell is one of the busiest areas of Ciutat Vella by tourism, and is also at the beginning of the Moll de la Fusta, the pier so beloved by locals who are strolling along the Rambla, the Gothic Quarter or they want to visit the Aquarium.

Boat Ride, las Golondrinas

This makes us to recommend you hiring tickets for Las Golondrinas in advance if you do not want to stay on land, as it is easy that the seats will be sold due to the large influx of tourists strolling on the Port Vell and hire these products oriented to sightseeing and recreation along the harbor, especially in summer.

Anyway, if you do not get ticket for this traditional boating company, it exists in the port others which offer similar rides to those offered by Golondrinas. But the recommendation is once again to acquire the reservation as far in advance as possible.

Recall that do not sell tickets, we just recommend one of the leading companies authorized to sell tickets for the city of Barcelona, where you can buy your tickets in advance for the Golondrinas boat ride in complete safety.

Where is the dock of Las Golondrinas?

The mooring of Las Golondrinas is in the Portal de la Pau square, which is the same square where the Viewpoint of Columbus is.

Las Golondrinas in the port of Barcelona

You have several ways to get to the dock, depending on where you come from, but broadly speaking, one could say that it is in the lower part of the Barcelona Rambla, close to the sea.

If you want to get to Las Golondrinas mooring by metro, the best option is to take the L3 line and get off at the stop which is called Drassanes, which is about five minutes walking from the dock.

How to get to Las Golondrinas from Plaça de Catalunya

You can take the L3 metro line two stops away and get to Drassanes station, which is next to the dock.

Viewpoint Columbus, las Golondrinas

But if you have time, recommends you to have a walk along the Rambla until reaching the Viewpoint of Columbus, where the mooring of these boats located is.

How to get to Las Golondrinas from University Square

If you're in University Square (Plaça Universitat), you can take a walk down the Pelayo street until you get to Catalonia Square and follow the instructions described in the previous paragraph.

But if you have time, the recommendation makes to you, it is that you get deep throug the Raval quarter, a wonderful neighborhood of Barcelona corresponding to the Old Town, until you reach the sea.

Las Golondrinas pier is in the easternmost part of the Raval.

Getting to Las Golondrinas dock from Plaça Urquinaona

For those who come from Urquinaona square, we recommend them to take a walk by the Gothic Quarter or by Via Laietana, all depending on the time available to them.

To get to Las Golondrinas dock more directly, you can take the L4 metro line until the stop that bears the name of Barceloneta. Once you get out to the street, you should take a little walk along the Moll de la Fusta or the Passeig de Colom to the Columbus Viewpoint because it is there, where the Golondrinas mooring located is.

Getting to Las Golondrinas from the Montjuic Park

Las Golondrinas, Port Vell

If you come from a stroll through Montjuic Park, depending on which part of this mountain you are, you can take the Montjuïc Funicular Railway to the Paral.lel station, which is the one at the bottom of the mountain.

Then you have to walk along the Parallel Av. over to where the sea is, which is where the Royal Shipyards of Barcelona building is. When you arrive at the end of this beautiful Gothic building, on the left you'll see the Viewpoint of Columbus, where the dock is.

Montjuic Funicular

If you are in Montjuic but furthest from the funicular or you are closer to Spain Square, to go to the Port Vell you should take the L3 metro line in the same square until Drassanes stop.

Getting to Las Golondrinas from Sants Train Station

Although Sants station is slightly away from the Port Vell area, it is easy to arrive at Las Golondrinas pier, as there is a stop that belongs to the L3 metro line in the same station, which is the line that drops you off at Drassanes, the station that is five minutes walking away from the dock.

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