Montjuic Cable Car

There are different ways to reach Montjuic Park, depending on what part of this magnificent mountain of Barcelona you want to visit and also on which side of the city you are.

If you are at the end of Ciutat Vella (the old town) bordering the Parallel Avenue and want to go up to the Castle of Montjuicor to the Alcalde Viewpoint, a great way to do that is going up by the Cableway of Montjuic.

Montjuic Cable Car, Montjuic Park, Barcelona

Moreover, it is a fantastic way to go up to the castle with children as it will be an adventure for them.

The cable car has three stations in Montjuic Park and it is obviously a circular path. So, to return to the same point of departure you will pass through the three stations.

The station where people used to take the cable car is the one in the Miramar Avenue, right next to the Montjuic Funicular station, which comes from Parallel Avenue. It is usually the starting station (and last one) as it is the one on the lower part of the mountain, and the cable car is often used to get up to Montjuic.

This is where you surely will buy your tickets if you have not already purchased them online to save time.

When you get on the cable car cabin you will find it very easy to do as it almost stops, and doors as well as being very wide, open and close automatically. It is a very modern cable car whose cabin is spacious and very safe.

Montjuic Cable Car, Montjuic Park, Barcelona

This first path passes through the Alcalde Viewpoint station, but the cable car will not stop on it. This first trip is made directly to the Montjuic Castle, which is on the top of the mountain.

During the trip, especially in the second half, you will have breathtaking views of Barcelona, being able to locate buildings in the distance as the Agbar Tower and the Sagrada Familia. You will also have fabulous views of the Columbus Viewpoint, the Moll de la Fusta and the Port Vell (old marina) in general.

When you get up, that is, where the castle is, you'll get off the cable car and you can visit this magnificent castle of Barcelona. Something strongly recommended.

Getting the Castle with the Montjuic cable car

Remember that the castle entrance has a separate price from the cable car and beside to visit it inside, you can take a walk around it in a way that is also very advisable and it's free.

When you get on the cable car again after the end of your visit to the fortress you will have to use the same ticket by passing it through the bar code reader, so remember to keep your ticket and do not ever throw it or break it.

From Montjuic Castle to the Alcalde Viewpoint

In this second trip with the Montjuic Aerial Tramway you will catch in on the same station where you get off, you will get to the Alcalde Viewpoint station, roughly on half way.

Montjuic Cable Car, Montjuic Park, Barcelona

This station will allow you to visit one of the many viewpoints that exist in Montjuic Park. It is oriented to the southeast of the city, which in addition to fabulous views of the Mediterranean Sea, has also views from the old town and from the districts that are farther east in general. From this viewpoint you can take great pictures of the city.

It is worth to make this stop as the Alcalde Viewpoint has also has a pretty nice little garden with a fountain and a place to stroll. This garden is called Jardines del Mirador and its fountain was made by the same author who designed the famous Magic Fountain of Montjuic.

The Alcalde Viewpoint, Montjuic Park

In the Alcalde Viewpoint you can enjoy a coffee or a drink as there is a small bar, if it is open.

This viewpoint is a nice place in Montjuic Park you should not overlook, especially if you have paid the cable car ticket. Surprisingly many people who come from the castle does not stop at the viewpoint, where from there they can obtain great views of the city, the Port Vell and Moll d’Espanya (Spain Wharf).

Taking the cable car at the viewpoint

Montjuic Cable Car, Montjuic Park, Barcelona

Once you've just visited the viewpoint you must re-take the cable car to return to your starting point making a last ride to the station of origin.

In order to get up to the cable car again, you will have to pass the ticket by the bar code reader, as you did when you took it on the castle station.

How to get to Cableway Montjuic

Montjuic Cableway, Montjuic Park, Barcelona

You have several ways to reach the cable car station depending on where you are and how you feel like to do it, all equally valid.

On the one hand the Montjuic Funicular, leaving the Parallel Avenue. You can also take the bus line 150 and as a last resort you have the Hop On Hop off Bus. Of course, you can also have a walk of about 25 minutes from Spain Square.

Getting to the cable car by funicular railway

It is as simple as taking the funicular at the station which is called Paral.lel and shares with the L2 and L3 metro lines. If you go by subway, you can take the funicular taking advantage of the same ticket.

Montjuic Funicular, Montjuic Park, Barcelona

The funicular runs about every 10 minutes and drops you off right next to aerial cable car station.

This option is good if you come from Barcelona city center, as you can catch the metro line L2 in University Square.

It is also fine if you're in Spain Square or in Sants Train Station, as you can take the L3 metro line.

Getting the cable car with the city bus 150

City bus line number 150 leaves Spain Square and goes to the top of the mountain where the castle of the Parc de Montjuic is, through its major sights.

One of its stops is the funicular and the cable car station.

Getting to the cable car by Tourist Bus

If you hired the Hop On Hop Off Bus you can take it to go up to the cable car station, as the red line goes up to Montjuic Park and drops you off right in front of the cable car station.

Montjuic Cable Car, Montjuic Park, Barcelona

Getting the cable car from the Olympic Park

They are about 10 minutes walking away, so if you're in the Olympic Park you can supplement your day by taking the cable car and visiting the castle and the Alcalde Viewpoint.

The main street where the olympic stadium is, is the same as where the cable car station is, only with different name.

Getting the cable car from Catalonia Square

If you want to reach the cable car from Catalonia Square, you can take the L3 metro line to Paral.lel station and make transfer to the funicular that goes up to Montjuic Park leaving you right where the cable car station is.

Getting the cable car from University Square

This is another way, just as good as the previous one if you are on the city center. It is taking the metro line L2 to the Paral.lel station, and then take the funicular.

Taking pictures from the cable car

It's a good idea to take some pictures of Barcelona from the heights. When weather is nice you will get some amazing views of the city.

Montjuic Cable Car, Montjuic Park, Barcelona

The only drawback is that for safety, there are only a few holes in the top of the cabin, there are some windows that can be open and you will have to put the camera lens through there. Although the entire cabin is transparent, which makes the views spectacular, the pictures through the cable car cabin glass are not just as good.


The tour on the cable car is priced at about 12 euros. It is a short tour but the views are fantastic and the visit to the Montjuic Castle and the Alcalde viewpoint are worthwhile.

You can buy tickets online, so you will need only to deliver them at the box office showing the barcode sent by e-mail, and you will not have to take money.

As well as buying tickets online used to be cheaper and has that and other benefits its purchase in advance, for the price of the cable car it is the same as at the box office. Anyway, we leave a link to a reliable and authorized seller from the Montjuic Cable Car tickets, if you prefer take the printed out tickets, which also has its advantage and you can save time.

Montjuic Cable Car

The castle and to the viewpoint
Barcelona from the top

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It can also help you, if you want to make a gift to someone coming to visit Barcelona. The cable car tour and the visit to the castle will be not easily forget. Don't stay down!

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