Visiting Barcelona Museums with children (1 of 2)

A city such as Barcelona, ​​offers a wide range of museums. Usually, the quality and variety of the museums allow them to enjoy the visit both adults and younger.

So, if you're looking for visit museums in Barcelona with children, you have many options to choose from.

To schedule a visit to a museum with children, you should take into account not only the theme or content of the exhibition, but various aspects such as the estimated time it will take visiting the museum, to search if deemed appropriate, any other activity that can complementing the visit, either a walk, a visit to a park, or any other that is also liked by the children.

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Some museums, for example the Barcelona Science Museum (CosmoCaixa) offer exposures and some activities in which you can spend the whole day, others like the Wax Museum, have an interesting exhibition for children, but in many cases, a couple of hours may be sufficient for the visit. The Mammoth Museum, to take another example is wonderful and very cozy but it is small and we recommend taking advantage of a guided tour visit.

You don’t have to overlook the fact that depending on the age of the children, they may be interested in visiting a museum that is not considered for children, such as the Futbol Club Barcelona Museum or the Motorcycle Museum. You can open the list of museums in Barcelona page and take a look at it, and maybe even find some that are not considered childish whether they like your kids. The Egyptian Museum  is another example of non-children's museum, but surely they will love it and you can visit it if you are in the area of Passeig de Gràcia.

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We also recommend you that you check the list of Curious Museums of Barcelona, because you can find an option that can be interesting for children.

The list we have compiled in this collection of children's museums in Barcelona, tries to show those museums whose thematic is easier to attract the little ones.

The Blau Museum

Barcelona Blau Museum of Natural Science. In Parc del Forum.

The Blau Museum belongs to the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona and there isn’t the slightest doubt that children will love it. At the entrance to the museum there is a huge whale skeleton, and in its interior there are many dissected (or replicas) species of birds and mammals.

The museum is spacious and along the route there are documentary spotlights and mobile monitors which can entertain the kids.

Depending on the time you go, the little ones have available workshops related to science that they can take part.

It is a pretty cheap museum and has many discounts like the library card, ages, student, etc..

The area in where the museum is, is the Parc del Forum, where you have plenty of space to walk and the children can play and run. In addition, the Diagonal Mar Mall is just around the corner, where you'll find fast food restaurants, shops and cinemas.

The Wax Museum

Barcelona Wax Museum, in the district of Ciutat Vella, the old town of Barcelona

The Wax Museum used to like children. It is down Las Ramblas on the left, near the monument to Columbus and Les Drassanes Reials (The Royal Shipyards).

You have to keep in mind that the price of the visit is not particularly cheap, as it is a private museum, but the visit may be worth. It has different sections like horror, artists, politicians and other personalities of history or the comic.

A great advantage of this museum is that it has in front of it, El Bosc de les Fades (Forest of Fairies). A cafe acclimated in a fairy forest that children will sure enjoy while adults take a coffee, which you can visit without having to enter the museum. This cafe has two entrances depending on the alleyway where you reach it. One goes directly to the cafeteria, while the other accesses first the Passatge del Temps (Passage of Time), another cafe that also sells curiosities. Both cafes are interconnected inside.

In addition, the Wax Museum is approximately 10 minutes walking from Maremagnum Mall, in which you can find fast food restaurants, shops, cinemas and plenty of space for strolling with children.

Cosmo Caixa - Science Museum of Barcelona

Cosmocaixa museum in Avinguda Tibidabo, Barcelona

It is a museum which belongs to La Caixa Foundation. Its price is very economical and has different activities in which you can take part paying an extra fee that is usually very cheap as well.

The Science Museum is not in a central area of ​​Barcelona, but his visit is more than recommended. You can easily spend the entire day at this museum, which is not small, it also provides you many permanent and temporary exhibitions. If you will visiting it calmly you can leisurely consume an entire day.

The CosmoCaixa has a spacious garden / terrace with a bar and a buffet style restaurant to stay for lunch or take coffee. In the garden there are benches so you can eat a sandwich you take from home.

This museum is in the upper part of Barcelona, ​​an area that holds the Tranvia Blau, a classic tram dating from the beginning of the century and that goes up to the station of the funicular that takes to the Tibidabo Amusement Park and to the Automata Museum of Barcelona.

To continue the list of children's museums, you can access the second part of the article by clicking the following link.

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