Free museums in Barcelona

Within the range of museums offered by the city of Barcelona it is easy to find any option to enter free of charge in any museum.

Must be recognized that usually every museum has its own cultural offerings with prices, schedules and conditions, so if we look for free museums in Barcelona, we refer to each particular offering because you may have sometimes one day a month or some other condition in which you can enter the museum without paying for it.

The B Plan

This is an initiative that public museums in which their admission is free on Sunday afternoon. This initiative is called "Plan B" of Museums. The spaces attached to this initiative usually can be visited free of charge from 15h every Sunday.

You will have to inform about it, in their official websites to confirm schedule and get the list of museums attached to this Plan B for Sundays in Barcelona.

The Museum B plan Español

The International Museum Day

May 18 is the International Museum Day. The majority of the museums in Barcelona open their doors for free all the day and you can visit them without paying for the visit.

The Night of Museums

The closest saturday to 18 May, the Night of Museums is celebrated, which is a European initiative in which museums open their doors until late at night. Many museums are free from 19pm to 1am. In 2013 they were attached to this nocturnal initiative more than 60 museums, galleries and other cultural events organizers.

Mercè festival (Diada de la Mercè)

On September 24, is celebrated the Mercè festival, which is the major festival in Barcelona. This day the majority of museums of Barcelona can be visited without paying the price of admission.

Day of Santa Eulalia

On 12 February the Day of Santa Eulalia, patroness of Barcelona, is celebrated. This day you can visit the museums of Barcelona for free, ​​at least the majority of them.

One day each month

Many museums opens their doors to the public for free, one day per month. It is usual the last or the first Sunday of every month, although the day may change. If you are interested in a particular museum you have to inform on its web page or contact the museum staff to know if they offers this free day.

By the conditions of visitors

There are many conditions that allow the entry for free in some museums. For example the garden-museum Labyrinth Park in Horta (Parc del Laberint d’Horta), allows free entry to unemployed and retirees. The Blau Museum (Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona), allows free admission to children under 16 years or pink card holders among others.

In general, you should pay attention if you belong to any of these collectives because you can find discounts on ticket prices or even to enter without paying:

- Students
- Retired
- Unemployed
- Members of the library network
- Large family
- Members of associations related to the theme of the museum

In all cases, we recommend consulting the conditions of each museum where the visitor is interested, as discounts and free entry conditions are individual and each museum sets its own criteria. From we recommend carry any documentation proving situations that entitle to free or discounted access to museums.

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