The Blau Museum of Natural Sciences
Museu Blau

The Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona, has different venues. The Botanical Garden in Montjuic, the Laboratory of Nature along with the Martorell Museum in the Parc de la Ciutadella, and the Blau Museum in Parc del Forum.

Whale skeleton

The Blau Museum is a public museum, so the price is quite economical in addition to a variety of discounts for a wide range of groups (students, pensioners, with library card, etc..).

Proposes through its exhibitions, a journey through the evolution of our planet Earth.

The museum tour is linear, so the visitor finds first with a large circular screen on which two audiovisual are projected about the beginning of our universe, the Big Bang and what we know of the Earth through contributions from great scientists like Copernicus, Hutton and Charles Darwin, which have opened new questions in turn.

The animal kindom

After this introduction, you will enter the space entitled "Biography of the Earth." A tunnel that tells the story of life from the beginning until today.

The third section is the largest and occupies most of the surface of the museum. Entitled "Earth Today" and presents the visitor a journey through different kingdoms as animal, vegetable, mineral or fungi.

The fungi kingdom

Here visitors can enjoy the impressive range of shapes and colors that nature has been able to create through living creatures and minerals. Be amazed by the colors and shapes of animals and plants with which you share this planet through original or faithful replicas that presents one of the nicest museums in Barcelona.

Showcases of the vegetable kingdom in the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona

In the museum there are mobile monitors which behave like cameras that shows through augmented reality what they have in front, so you can move the monitor to display the item you are interested in, and the monitor as it get to detecting items which are known, it will display you the details and the corresponding explanations.

In each section, visitors will find display cases and tables with copies and pieces that may examine. Since microbes, algae, plants, fungi, even the greatest of the animals, some truly amazing ones.

Augmented reality in the Blau Museum

For all audiences

The Blau Museum is organized and designed for everyone. Already the subject and its exhibits, will not go unnoticed for the little ones. It has large screens through which pass documentaries about our planet.

Diatryma, a hunting bird in the Blau Museum of Barcelona.

In the tour of the museum there is a projector facing the floor that projects a pond with water and stones. It has a sensor that detects when someone steps or puts his feet, at which displays the corresponding waves. Children play to run and jump over the water watching the waves.

By having many projectors throughout the tour, some even arranged in special spaces for projection, the visitor constantly find places to sit, thus the Museu Blau is perfectly entitled to elderly people or those who need to rest frequently.

It also has two "chill out" spaces, one with visual images of nature, and other sounds of Montseny mountain. These spaces are ideal for rest and relaxation.

Showcases with microbes in the Blau Museum of Barcelona

The museum has all the accessibility resources, and offers free guided tours on weekends, as well as guides for persons with mental, hearing and visual impairment, it will be necessary to check the dates and times at the museum

Temporary exhibitions at the Museu Blau.

The museum features separate areas for temporary exhibitions. To know them, there is no choice but to inform at the museum or on its website.

Activity rooms for children

The museum offers a space for children up to 6 years, aiming to promote the discovery and science. It is required to reserve in person the same day you visit the museum. Their sessions are about half an hour long.

How to get to the Blau Museum

The Blau Museum Building

The museum is in the Parc del Forum. You have various bus lines and also the tram (Tram). A metro stop called Maresme-Forum, corresponding to line 4 is very close to the Diagonal Mar shopping center. The tourist bus also stops very close to the museum.

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