The Terraces of the National Palace

The terraces of the National Palace in Montjuic, MNAC

The National Art Museum of Catalonia, MNAC, which is based in the National Palace, since the end of 2013 allows to go up to two rooftop terraces offering additional outdoor space for the museum adding possibilities for cocktails, concerts etc..

Catalonia National Art Museum

The Montjuic National Palace

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MNAC Viewpoint

These two terraces have been upgraded to be visited by the public, allowing visitors to enjoy spectacular views of the city of Barcelona, so much that some use terms such as "The Viewpoint of the MNAC" or "The Viewpoint of the National Palace" to refer to them.

View from the MNAC, the National Art Museum of Catalonia in Montjuic

The conditioning of the terraces includes a circular route that makes the visitor walk at the top of the National Palace giving a 360 degree turn and enjoying the city of Barcelona in the northern part, where you can find in foreground the Reina Maria Cristina Av. with the two Venetian Towers at the height of Spain Square (Plaça d’Espanya), also having a privileged view of the Magic Fountain of Montjuic or Tibidabo mountain with its amusement park at the top.

National Palace Terraces. The MNAC roof

From the east side of the roof of the MNAC, you will see the Sagrada Familia, the Agbar Tower and the two Vila Olímpica towers, while facing the south allows views of the Montjuic mountain with the Olympic Park allowing partially views of the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium or the Telecommunications Tower in Europe Square (Plaça d’Europa).

The roof of the National Palace in Montjuic

In addition to the views of the city of Barcelona that offers the MNAC terraces, going up on the roof gives a privileged way to observe the top of a palace built for the International Exhibition of 1929 that leaves no one indifferent. It's hard to read an article that speaks about the Montjuic Park and that does not include a photograph of the National Palace or of the MNAC museum.

National Palace terraces, MNAC

With the opening of the terraces to the public, people will have the opportunity to visit a part of the palace that houses the MNAC museum, which are worth visiting.

Catalonia National Art Museum

The Montjuic National Palace

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The entrance to the MNAC includes a visit to the terraces

Admission to the museum includes the visit to the roof, so if you visit the MNAC museum, there must be a big excuse for you to decide not go up to the terraces.

National Palace Terraces, MNAC, Barcelona

However, you may visit the terraces (and some other part of the National Palace), without purchasing the entrance to the museum exhibition. If you want to only visit the terraces, you can do it for a price of 3 euros (according to the web rates in 2014).

How to get to the National Palace in Montjuic

It is very simple. You have to go to Spain Square (Plaça d'Espanya), which has several lines of metro and FGC, and walk up the Reina Maria Cristina Av., which is the avenue that has the 2 large Venetian Towers.

If you look up the mountain you will see at the end of the avenue the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, and beyond, a large building. It is the National Palace, home of the MNAC museum.

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