Montjuic National Palace
Palau Nacional de Montjuïc

The Park of Montjuic provides numerous icons to the city of Barcelona. There is no question, that one of them is the National Palace, the impressive palace that anyone can see from Spain Square looking towards the mountain of Montjuic.

The National Palace MNAC, Montjuic

It was built during the years 1926 and 1929 for the International Exhibition held in Barcelona in 1929. Since 1934 the National Palace houses the MNAC, the Catalonia National Art Museum (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya), which has one of the most important collections of Romanesque art in the world.

Palau Nacional en Montjuic, MNAC

One of its main architects was Pere Domènech i Roura, son of the brilliant modernist architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Domènech i Roura was also the architect of the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium in what nowadays is the Olympic Park of Barcelona in the mountain of Montjuic.

Catalonia National Art Museum

The Montjuic National Palace

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The National Art Museum of Catalonia - MNAC

Inside of the National Palace in Montjuic - MNAC, National

The National Palace of Montjuic houses the MNAC, a public museum that every art lover should visit. In addition to important collections of paintings and sculptures the museum exhibits wood carvings, precious metalwork and enamels.

In addition, the MNAC has a program of artistic activities, conferences, seminars, concerts, dance, etc.., many of them of free entry. The museum participate in initiatives such as The Night of the Museum (La Nit dels Museus) or the National Museum Night held in May and July respectively, both with free entry.

Accessing into National Palace for free

If you're visiting Barcelona and do not want to visit the MNAC museum, but you want to get in and see the National Palace inside, you need not to acquire an admission ticket to the museum. You can request an identification pass and you can enter freely to the Oval Hall of the National Palace, a huge hall where many activities take place, you will be able to visit the store in its interior, or can consult the specialized library that is accessed from the Oval Hall, without paying an entry for it.

Oval Hall of the National Palace in Montjuic, MNAC, Barcelona

Catalonia National Art Museum

The Montjuic National Palace

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The terraces of the National Palace

In 2013 the terraces and the roof of the National Palace were conditioned in order that they can be visited by the public. It is a totally recommended activity, besides allowing you to see the top of the National Palace, it allows you to have a unique view of the city of Barcelona. The terraces of the National Palace go around the roof, which have spectacular views of the city at 360 degrees, offering you a unique viewpoint.

MNAC Terraces. The National Palace roof. Montjuic, Barcelona

The National Palace and the Magic Fountain of Montjuic

If you are in Barcelona, ​​you should not miss the light and water show offered by the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. These shows take place early in the evening (you should have a look at the timetable and schedule). You can see the show from the balcony of the National Palace, it is a must-see that will take time to forget.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Barcelona.

To combine a visit to the National Palace with the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is a good idea especially in the afternoon of summer days.

The Oval Hall of the National Palace

How to get to the National Palace

Maybe it's one of the places in the Park of Montjuic easier to go, because from Plaça d'Espanya (Spain Square) looking at the mountain, the MNAC is the building that stands out most. You can take the public transport to reach Spain Square. If you stand between the two Venetian Towers and look to the top of the mountain and you have the square behind your back, you will see the National Palace, straight. You can walk going straight up the mountain and along the stairs leading to the top. It can’t be missed.

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