The Labyrinth Park
Parc del Laberint d'Horta

The Labyrinth Park is undoubtedly one of those Barcelona parks worth visiting not only for tourists but for the locals themselves.

Desvalls Palace, Horta district, Barcelona

Adjacent to the Horta Velodrome, the Labyrinth Park is much more than just a park with a maze. Currently, more than a park it is a museum park that will surprise the visitor who awaits just to find a garden to walk around. The fact that you have to pay a small entrance fee, already gives sign that something must hide inside.

Entrance to the Labyrinth Park in Horta, Barcelona

There are two mazes in the park. In addition to the one that all visitors expect to find, there is another one, childish, and is named Little Labyrinth (Petit Laberint in Catalan), though it may go unnoticed by adults.

Stairs leading to the neoclassical pavilion in the Labyrinth Park

Initially it was a garden belonging to a private property, but on reaching the decade of the seventies, it was transferred to the council. In 1971 it was opened as a public park.

This park in the Horta Guinardó district, is also the oldest park in the city of Barcelona. His work was initiated in 1791. The first phase ended in 1808 with the neoclassical garden and ended along its many stages of transformation with the romantic garden in 1853.

Romanic fountain in the Labyrinth Park in Barcelona

The Labyrinth Park is not only suitable to go with children but adults alike will enjoy the visit, in addition to the maze you will find beautiful gardens, some of which can not be accessed without a guided tour: Gardens such as the Domestic Garden are banned to free entry and may only be visited during opening hours and with a guide.

Gazebo with tuscan columns

At the entrance of the park lies the Desvalls Palace, former residence of the Desvalls family, a neo-Gothic and neo-Moorish architecture building. Nowadays It houses the Training Centre of the Labyrinth, offering courses to both amateur and professional gardeners, as well as hosting a specialized library in gardening and landscaping.

The Waterfall

A stroll through the Labyrinth Park offers a visual spectacle and continuous changes along the way, visitors will encounter the presence of sculptures related to classical mythology.

Nynph Egeria

Gazebos consecrated to Danae and Ariadne, with Tuscan columns, protect the entrance to the main labyrinth, which can be accessed through the Steps of the Belvedere (Escalinata del Belvedere).

The pond in the Neoclassical Pavilion, in the Labyrinth Park in Horta, Barcelona

In higher levels on the park, stairs lead to the neoclassical pavilion with its large pond, location you will have to pass to visit the fountain of the nymph Egeria.

Limited gauging

The capacity of the park is limited to 750 people simultaneously. The visitor intending to visit the Labyrinth Park should take this into account if he want to visit it any of the days when access is free, which usually are on Wednesdays and Sundays. The neighbors, pensioners and the unemployed can access always free.

The Domestic Garden

Being a museum garden, the entrance with Pets is not allowed. It is also not allowed to enter with bikes, skates or balls.

It has some special gardens, which will be accessible only with a guide and at designated times.

For Everyone

The park will be enjoyed by the little ones because they can run and play. Not only through the labyrinth but throughout the park. If you're going with children you would appreciate knowing that at the bottom of the neoclassical pavilion there is a WC, in his visit, (February 2014) observed they were pretty clean and soap were also available.

The Labyrinth Park in Barcelona

There are some steps and stairs, which constitute and shape the park, so there are areas that people with some degree of disability will be unable or difficult to access. Anyway, the park has areas properly marked as accessible route.

The Farmer Refuge, in the Park

It is not allowed to enter food into the park, but outside it, even within the landscaped grounds, there are picnic tables where you can make a snack or celebrate a child's birthday, which has a terrace bar and a park playground.

Labyrinth Training Center

The Labyrinth Park has a study center with a very wide and interesting program that offers a huge range of theoretical courses and workshops related to the world of gardening, plants, irrigation systems, horticulture, etc...

Getting to the Labyrinth Park

The park is in the Horta-Guinardó district. Right across the street from the Horta Velodrome in its north side. Going by private car, at the height of the velodrome, there are public outdoors car parkings on the right hand, pretty well marked, plus they are clearly visible. These car parks are just coming out of the Ronda de Dalt.

The nearest metro station is Mundet which belongs to line 3.

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