Portal de l'Angel
Avinguda Portal de l'Ángel

The Portal de l’Angel Avenue is one of the main shopping streets of Barcelona, where well-known brands in the textile industry are heavily concentrated. This street belongs to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and therefore to the Old Town district (Cuitat Vella).

View of Portal de l'Ange, Barcelona

Curiously, comment that Portal de l'Angel is the street with the highest commercial income of Spain, due to its strategic location and the massive influx of visitors it receives regularly. This information may seem paradoxical, if we consider that shops emplaced in the area, represent trademarks and franchises far away from the luxury we can find in Barcelona.

Starting our tour in the adjacent part to Catalunya Square, down the right hand side, halfway up, we will find El Corte Inglés, a shopping center with a wide range of books, sports and fashion on the lower floors. The upper floor has a cafe which offers a terrace during the summer months. If we find ourselves by the downtown area, the cafe of El Corte Inglés is a good choice for a coffee, a drink or something to eat, in a quiet less massified environment.

Portal de l'Àngel

Any path that starts from Portal de l'Angel, allow us walk around and see all kinds of shops (clothes, jewelry, gift items, souvenirs, etc.).

At the end of the street we will find a bifurcation. If we opt for the left hand side this will lead us to the Cathedral and the Museum of Archaeology. However, if we decide to continue our tour through the right side, we arrive at Portaferrissa, a shopping street that ends in La Rambla. The streets of the right side of Portal de l’Angel are all very commercial that visitors should not be missed under no circumstances. All streets on the right side of Portal de l’Angel will end in La Rambla.

In the lower part of the Portal de l’Angel Avenue there is a book store "La Formiga d'Or" having inside a significant toy store. By that point there is a shop selling high quality nougat, where many locals queue up at Christmas time to buy nougat.

In the part that is closer to the Catalunya Square, many days there are stands of handcrafted products like handbags, bracelets, clothing, etc.

There are usually musicians or bands playing around that area. It is also common to see a group of dancers who have been many years successfully performing and doing shows, near of El Corte Inglés.

Photo Sphere of Portal de l'Angel

How to get to Portal de l’Angel

The Portal de l’Angel Avenue, lies on the south part of Catalonia Square, crossing the street at the height of the lower part of El Corte Inglés. It is a street that has a giant thermometer at its left side, in a building, and vehicles can pass, even though it looks like being a pedestrian street.

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