Sants Station
Sants Estació

Sants Station is the main train station in Barcelona and the second of Spain. Through it pass approximately 2.5 million people each month, about 1.5 million are commuter traffic (2014).

Barcelona Sants Train Station

The station connects 2 metro lines and commuter, medium and long distance train traffic. It also stops at Sants Station, the train that takes you to the international airport, which is the main airport of Barcelona. Across the street on the north side of the station there is a bus stop with regular services to the rest of Spain. And there is a taxi stand at one side.

Inside the station, you can find several cafés, a pharmacy open 7 days a week, and typical shops of these places that sells newspapers, books, chocolates, etc. Sants Station has public toilets, at the time of writing (January 2014) are free, but the government has just approved its privatization whereby they will become of payment. There is talk of a price of approximately 50 cents.

Barcelona Sants Station

Knowing the location of Sants Station can be interesting for people who want to discover Barcelona walking down the streets, as well as having services, the station is located approximately halfway Francesc Macia Square and the Spain Square.

At the top of the station stands the Barceló Sants Hotel.

What to find out nearby Sants Station

The station has gates on both sides. The side where the large taxi rank is, is known popularly as the Palacio Balañá side. (The name refers to some cinemas that are across the street on that side). If you walk out these doors and continue straight, you will see a promenade with some terraces for taking soft drinks or a tapas restaurants, and some Arabic food restaurants. If you continue straight you will reach Sants Square (Plaça de Sants) in about five minutes. By Sants Square passes a street that is very commercial, the Sants Street (Carrer de Sants) and we strongly recommend a walk by it during business hours. If you're in the Sants Square with the train station at your back, Sants Street will take you to Spain Square (Plaça d’Espanya) if you walk to the left or to Hospitalet if you walk toward the right.

Park near Sants Station

If you go out the other door, ie, those without the large taxi rank, there is a large space and a large pedestrian crossing where passing cars. Without crossing the street and having Sants station at your back, the big street you have in front is Rome Avenue (Avinguda de Roma), if you walk straight on that avenue you will arrive to the Aragón Street (Carrer Aragó) and a little later (following Aragon) you will pass by Passeig de Gracia, but if you walk to the right you'll be in Tarragona Street that leads to Spain Square and at Montjuic. If you instead of looking to the right, look to your left, then you will have two streets from both come cars. The leftmost is Numancia Street up for it you will get to the Diagonal Avenue and L'Illa shopping mall but if you take the right one (there are not exactly parallel) you will reach also to the Diagonal Avenue, but up to the Francesc Macia square.

Taxis near Sants Station;

In the southern part of Sants Station there is located the Industrial Spain Park (Parc de l’Espanya Industrial), a park that has a small pond where boats were rented for years, but now no longer. This park is a quiet place where there are people playing sports, walking their dogs, sunbathing or even salsa dancing or other types of dance with a portable music on the grass. It is a good place to rest if you spent time walking around the city. At one extreme of the park, there is a huge metal dragon that is really a huge slide for children, it is an interesting fact if you visit Barcelona with young children and are in that area. It is also possible that you may see some ducks in the pond.

How to get to Sants Station

Torre Catalunya near Sants Station

The station is on a very well connected area, as there stop metro lines 3 and 5. There also run many lines of RENFE that stops at different points in Barcelona like Passeig de Gràcia, the Meridiana Clot, Catalonia Square (Plaça Catalunya) or Estació de França.

Those walking enthusiasts should know that Sants Station is located approximately 15 minutes from Spain Square by going by Tarragona Street, or about 20 minutes from Plaza Francesc Macia going by Josep Tarradellas Avenue.

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