The Farm, the children's zoo.

If you're considering visiting the Barcelona Zoo with young children, which is very likely, you must know that there is a space called the Children's Zoo, although its official name is La Granja (The Farm).

Petting Zoo. The Children Zoo in Barcelona.

Here you will find different species of domesticated animals such as sheep, horses and goats, where children will have the opportunity to pet them. Kids can even enter into some of its spaces, in an experience which will make them enjoy.

Horse in the Barcelona Zoo for kids. Petting zoo.

By the Barcelona Zoo runs a train that goes around the park. One of its stops is this space for children.

A pony ride

Pony ride for kids in the Barcelona Children's Zoo

Next to the children's zoo there is a small circuit for riding a Pony that is reserved for children. In order that children can ride ponies, you may purchase a ticket, because this ride has a separate cost and is not included in the park entrance.

A small lake

Barcelona Petting Zoo for kids

In this space of the zoo, you'll find a small lake where three species of amphibians that live in the enclosure are breed. The green frog, the toad and one of the smallest amphibians living in Europe, the stripeless tree frog.

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