Tibidabo Funicular Railway

This is a funicular that connects the square of Dr. Andreu with the Tibidabo Amusement Park.

The Tibidabo Funicular Railway was founded in 1901, the same year the Blue Tramway opened, with the idea of arriving to the top of the mountain where the amusement park and the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus located is.

Tibidabo Funicular, Barcelona

Curiously, at the Museum of Automata inside the amusement park, there is a model of the funicular that was constructed by the workshop of the park itself.

It is a journey of slightly more than 1150 m, very relaxing and enjoyable for both children and adults, that will surely enjoy.

The price of Tibidabo Funicular Railway

The Tibidabo Funicular Railway price is 4.10 euros buying the entrance to the amusement park. Without buying a ticket, the price of a round trip is 7.70 euros.

Tibiclub partners can travel for free with the funicular. The price for pensioners or disabled people is 2 euros.

Prices are taken from the official website, in 2014.

Schedule of the Tibidabo Funicular Railway

The funicular railway runs almost every day that the amusement park or the Cami del Cel opens, and the timetable is 15 minutes before the park opening until 15 minutes after closing. If you choose to use the funicular railway to go to the Tibidabo, it is important to remember the return or the last trip time, to avoid being left without transportation when you have to come back from the Tibidabo mountain.

Tibidabo Funicular, Barcelona

How to get to the Tibidabo Funicular Railway

The funicular railway stops at the Plaça del Dr. Andreu, who is at the top of Avinguda Tibidabo. To get to the funicular station you can catch bus 196, or you can do it using the emblematic Tramvia Blau, which go up from the beginning of Avinguda del Tibidabo and drops you right at the funicular stop.

196 Bus Line

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