The Agbar Tower
Torre Agbar

In the Plaça de les Glories Catalanes, commonly called Plaça de les Glories (Les Glorias Square), was built in 2005 an office skyscraper belonging to the company Aguas de Barcelona 135 meters high, which changed the skyline of the area. This building is named for Torre Agbar.

View from the top of the illuminated Agbar Tower

In late 2013, the Agbar Tower was acquired by a hotel company to become a luxury hotel.

The Agbar Tower illuminated, viewed from Les Glories Square

The singularity of this building is that at night it is illuminated by LEDs, drawing attention against other buildings in the area. It is this light which has given the tourist fame it currently have, as well as to be one of the most emblematic buildings of the 22@, a technological district of Barcelona, and an icon of the city.

This LED lighting that combines various software can project more than 16 million colors through its over 4500 independent lighting devices. In addition, the building has been designed to optimize the power consumption, and the cost is minimal to keep it illuminated. According to Wikipedia, maintain the building facade lit for one hour costs about 6 euros (November 2013).

The minimum consumption of the entire building and not just the facade one, added to an intelligent building that detects if the offices are occupied or not, saving heating energy, or the photovoltaic panels that collect solar energy for later supply, have motivated the European Commission to distinctive the building granting the Green Building distinctive to the energy efficiency.

The shape of the Agbar Tower

From the initial design of the skyscraper, the shape of the Agbar Tower has generated controversy. While some argued that it was a huge suppository, others maintained the position that it resembles a giant phallus.

Agbar Tower unlit by day

The truth is that the shape is influenced by catalan symbols such as the towers of the Sagrada Familia or the pinnacles of Montserrat mountain. In fact, the northern part of the building has been designed to obtain an overview of the Sagrada Familia. Its architect, Jean Nouvel also recognizes that in part he was influenced by the Hotel Attraction, a skyscraper projected to rise in the city of New York, which was never built.

How to get to the Agbar Tower

By public transport, many buses take to Plaça de les Glòries (Glories Square) as it is at the crossroads between Gran Via, Diagonal and Meridiana avenues, three of the most important streets of Barcelona. The Tram also passes through the square and the subway line 1 has the stop called "Glòries", right next to the building.

The Agbar Tower viewed from Les Glories Mall

If you plan to approach to see the building, the best option is late in the afternoon to see the illumination. In summer time it lights from 21h to 24h, while in winter it is illuminated from 19h to 23h. However, we recommend you to consult the calendar and schedule lighting on the official website.

In the same square is the Les Glories shopping mall with cinemas, shops, restaurants and terraces for a snack, lunch or dinner.

If you are in the area of Parc del Forum and want to walk, you can simply take the Diagonal avenue that will take you directly to Les Glories Square. In fact, looking from the Forum, the Agbar Tower is visible in the distance.

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