Montjuic Telecommunications Tower and Europe Square

Calatrava Tower in Montjuic Park

The Montjuic Telecommunications tower has a height of 136 meters, and was built in the Olympic Park in Montjuic (Anella Olímpica de Montjuic, in Catalan) on the occasion of the Olympic Games held in Barcelona in 1992, by the Valencian architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava. It is also known as the Calatrava Tower.

Telecommunications Tower and Palau Sant Jordi in the Olympic Park in Montjuic

One of the peculiarities of this telecommunications tower that differs it from other, is that it represents an athlete lifting the Olympic torch.

It should also be noted that the base of the tower, was built using a technique heavily used by Antoni Gaudí, called Trencadís, which involves covering the surface with mosaic of broken tile shards. This mosaic technique is characteristic of Catalan modernist architecture and can be clearly seen in the Park Güell or in benches of Passeig de Gràcia.

Europa Square, next to the tower, provides ample space to relax or stroll. It is a very peaceful area which many people use to sitting or lying on the grass and rest before continuing on their way.

Giant sundial

The telecommunications tower, by its orientation, behaves like an enormous sundial, casting the shadow of the central needle into the Europe Square.

Europe Square in Montjuic Olympic Park

How to get to the Telecommunication Tower and the Europe Square

You should follow the instructions given to get to the Olympic Park or to the Olympic Stadium Lluís Companys.

By way of summary, you can perfectly go walking from Spain Square, going straight to the National Palace and skirting it on the right to continue the escalator. It is a path which is fairly well indicated.

The tourist bus has a route stopping at the Olympic Park in Montjuic. By the way in Plaça d’Espanya (Spain Square) there are local buses that go up to the mountain of Montjuic stopping at the Olympic Park.

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