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Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city. Mediterranean seaside, offers one of the most important ports in Europe and in the World. Located north of the Iberian Peninsula connects this with the rest of Europe by land. The airport of Barcelona - El Prat, had in 2012 about 35 million passengers. It has hosted many international events like Olympic Games, international exhibitions and so on. It is therefore considered a global city for its cultural, financial, economic and tourist importance.

Barcelona is a city that is presented to the visitor so disparate, also as disparate people who approach to discover it.

Although it is true that to define the highlight, what the visitor can not miss, sets limits to a city that does not have them, we must be aware that the visitor has a certain time, which want to cover the most characteristic of Barcelona.

From we want to help to prepare your trip, offering detailed information on the most relevant aspects of the city to make your stay in Barcelona is unique and unforgettable.

Plan your trip before visiting the city, and enjoy it much more !!!

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